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Get a spectacular shine from your vinyl or tile floor.
When your vinyl or tile floor looks dull and old, let us draw out that shine that it used to have. Our experienced crews strip and wax it to remove the layers of built-up dirt and debris. You get an amazing vinyl floor that looks like new. Your vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring will look remarkable.


Hard floor cleaning gets the best results
Many off-the-shelf cleaners give a superficial shine that lasts a few days at best. Then the soaps build up and accumulate dirt that dulls the shine. Expert vinyl and tile stripping removes these unsightly layers.

Thorough cleaning at affordable rates
Deep, thorough vinyl composite and ceramic tile cleaning is more affordable than you might expect. You can arrange for a payment plan that fits your budget and still present a clean, attractive floor to your customers or clients. For floors that take a beating, regular service schedules are available.


Our convenient payments plans make your tile stripping and waxing amazingly affordable.
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