Meet Our Team

Royal Ciancanelli


Royal Ciancanelli started Royalty Carpet in 1978 when his second son, Paul, was born. Initially when he started the business Royalty provided carpet, upholstery, and janitorial cleaning services and the business was based out of his home in Beacon, NY. Royal was the only employee of Royalty Carpet. Toward the late 1980's and early 1990's Royalty Carpet started to get into more floor cleaning services like stripping & waxing, tile & grout cleaning, and area rug cleaning. Toward the late 1990's Royal made a significant transition & started to sell & install new flooring products with the concept of selling flooring to his customers of the Hudson Valley Region & maintaining the cleanliness of the floor for its life.
Today Royal has nine children and over 20 employees at Royalty Carpet. He moved his business out of his home in 1999 to 288 Main Street in Beacon, NY and is the company is now located at 794 Rt 52 in Fishkill. Today customers can drop off area rugs to be cleaned or browse the latest flooring products that are displayed in the showroom. Since 1978 Royal has taken pride in delivering a quality & reliable service to his customers. His personal foundation of being honest, trustworthy, and willingness to serve his customers is why the business has continued to grow over time to what it is today.

Paul Ciancanelli

General Manager/Sales Manager

Paul Ciancanelli is Roy's second born son. He started working for Royalty Carpet in January of 1999. Over the years Paul has worked as a carpet cleaning technician, operations manager, and water damage restoration specialist for Royalty Carpet. Today he handles Commercial Sales and sells all of Royalty's services to his customers. Paul has extensive knowledge of all of the services offered that he has acquired while being an employee for over 15 years. Paul brings to Royalty Carpet his dedication to the company, knowledge of the industry, and willingness to exceed the expectations of his customers.

Matt Milkins

Finance Manager

Matthew Milkins is the Finance Manager at Royalty Carpet. Matt has been with us for a little over one year now. He has been in this profession for over 26 years. Matt is OSHA certified.
In his spare time Matt likes to spend time with his children, go bowling, and watch sports.


Diane Cucolo


Diane Cucolo is a bookkeeper at Royalty Carpet. Diane her been with us just short of a year. She has been in the field for over 25 years. Diane is a certified Notary Public. 
In her spare time Diane enjoys spending time with family and friends, and watching movies. 


Richard Ciancanelli

Operations Manager

Richard is Roy's fifth born son. He is the Operations Manager at Royalty Carpet, Rich has been working for Royalty for almost 14 years. He started as a cleaning technician and then moved into the office to answer phones and run the cleaning part of the business.
In his spare time Richard likes to go to raves, watch wrestling and watch sports.

Kaitlin Wohlfahrt

Inside Sales

Kaitlin takes care of inside sales for Royalty Carpet. Kaitlin has been with use for six months now. She is new to the industry, but has handled the tranisition from teaching seemlessly. Kaitlin holds multiple degrees and certifications in education and Literacy. 
In her spare time, Kaiting enjoys sleeping, watching movies and traveling with her boyfriend.


Rebekah Ciancanelli

Office Assistant

Rebekah Ciancanelli is an Office Assistant at Royalty Carpet. Rebekah has been with us for one year now. 
Rebekah is the youngest of the owner's nine children, and the last to start her occupational career at the family owned and operated company.
In her spare time Rebekah like to eat, sleep and attend college.

Frank Giordano

Flooring Operations

Frank is a certified flooring installer at Royalty Carpet. Frank has been working with us for almost three and a half years. He has been in the flooring industry for 34 years. Frank is certifed by Kongoleum Tarquet, the NYS Rug Institue, and he is certified in installations.
In his spare time Frank enjoys coaching and umpiring softball and running catering events.

Frank.royaltycarpet@gmail.com (845) 755-1396

Tristan Schepers

Lead Cleaning Technician

Tristan Schepers is a certified Lead Cleaning Technician at Royalty Carpet. Tristan has been working here at Royalty Carpet for almost eight years.
In his spare time Tristan enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and relaxing. 

Nick Thomas

Cleaning Technician

Nick Thomas is our night guy. He cleans mostly commercial accounts that need to be serviced after hours. Nick has been working for us for three years. Nick also works a full time job as a certified electrician during the day. 
Nick served 4 years for the U.S. Marine Corp. In his spare time Nick enjoys spending time with his family and friends, eating pizza, and watching movies. 


Technician Helper

Dylan is a helper at Royalty Carpet. He has been with us for 3 years now. Dylan helps both the cleaning techs and the janitorial crew.
In his spare time Dylan enjoys ahnging out eith friends, driving in his new car, and sleeping. 



Steve Mack is a Saleman at Royalty Carpet. Steve has worked with us for 7 years now. He started as a cleaning technician and has since advanced to being a flooring & cleaning salesman. Steve has been in the flooring business for over 10 years.
In his spare time Steve likes to fish, hang out at the Pirate Canoe Club, and relax.